The Sands of Kahana Concerned Owners (SOKCO) group was formed several years ago by Carol Nelson and four other time share owners of the Sands of Kahana Vacation Club (SOKVC). At that time Consolidated Resorts Development (CRD) was selling the time shares out of two rooms on the ground floor of Building 2 and had sold out the units at the Sands of Kahana. Consolidated Development continued to use those 2 rooms to sell time shares for their Las Vegas development. Carol and the other owners did not believe that those rooms should be used to sell the Las Vegas time shares but should be placed back into the available room pool at the Sands of Kahana. Eventually the group was successful in forcing CRD to return those rooms to the available room pool at the Sands of Kahana.


The main objective of the SOKCO was to keep the Sands of Kahana a first-class resort. Through the years the group established goals that they hoped the SOKVC Board of Directors (BOD) and the managing company of the Sands, Soleil Management would accomplish. A main goal was to get the SOKVC rooms renovated as for many years nothing much had been done to the rooms, except for some minor touch ups. Another goal was to get the adult pool heated to a comfortable temperature, as many SOKVC owners complained of the coldness of the pool especially in the winter months. Also, the elevators in all four buildings of the resort were “out of order” many times and caused great hardship to many SOKVC owners especially those owners that received rooms high up in the buildings. As I write this these goals have been met and now the group is moving on to other issues.


For years Soleil Management published a SOKVC newsletter but for some unknown reason the SOKVC BOD decided to stop the publication of the SOKVC newsletter and establish a Sands of Kahana resort blog. This was not an effective means of communication to the SOKVC owners. Soleil Management would not send posts to the blog out to the SOKVC owners. Hawaii Administrative Rule Section 16-106-12 (g) requires that a means of communication be provided to time share owners to solicit votes for an owner running for the BOD and for association matters. The Sands of Kahana resort blog simply did not allow this and therefore was in violation of the Hawaii Administrative Rule. The SOKCO filed a complaint with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. After an investigator was assigned to investigate the charge that Soleil Management was in violation of Hawaii Administrative Rule Section 16-106-12 (g) the SOKVC BOD decided rightfully so, to discontinue the Sands of Kahana resort blog and once again publish the SOKVC newsletter. Unfortunately, the SOKVC BOD and Soleil Management will censor out any part of an owner’s submission that they do not find appropriate. In particular, any mention of SOKCO, any web site address or any email address.


In the early part of 2008, the SOKVC owners agreed to purchase the land where the Sands of Kahana is located. The SOKVC BOD entered into a ten-year mortgage with the Bank of Hawaii. Every SOKVC time share owner was then charged along with their property tax statement a land purchase fee for the length of the mortgage. In May 2018, the land mortgage was paid off to the Bank of Hawaii. Then the SOKVC BOD made an agreement with the Bank of Hawaii to extend the land loan to January 2019 this was to begin the process to have the SOKVC time share owner pay for all the room reservations that were being accomplished at the Sands of Kahana. After the extension of the Bank of Hawaii loan to January 1, 2019 the SOKVC BOD then signed a 6-year agreement with the Bank of Hawaii to complete the paying off of the cost of the SOKVC room reservations. Therefore, beginning with June 2018 instead of a land purchase fee being charged to the SOKVC owner along with the property tax a room renovation fee was then charged to the SOKVC owner. This charge will continue until January 2026, I believe.


The SOKCO continues to advocate for the benefit of the SOKVC owners. The SOKCO will continue to promote improvements at the Sands of Kahana. Currently the SOKCO would like to see the Koi Pond beautified, new quality mattresses for every bed in every SOKVC room, new and quality lounges for the beach and improvement in the appearance of the flowers in many of the flower boxes outside each resort room. To my knowledge superior plants are not purchased for those flower boxes and no regular fertilizer application is applied to the flower boxes. Also, all irrigation systems should be checked to see that sufficient water is getting to the flowers.


The SOKCO would also like to see no conflicts of interest between the SOKVC BOD and Soleil Management, the managing company of the Sands. Unfortunately, this conflict of interest exists with certain directors on the existing SOKVC BOD. The SOKCO would like to see more than just an annual newsletter to allow communication between the SOKVC owners. The SOKCO would like to see far more transparency between the SOKVC BOD and the SOKVC owners. The SOKCO believes that the annual election of SOKVC Board Directors should be administered by a neutral third party. The annual election should not be run by Soleil Management who has a direct interest with the SOKVC BOD because of their contract with the SOKVC BOD to manage the Sands of Kahana.


“The statements and opinions set forth herein are not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with (1) The Sands of Kahana Association of Apartment Owners its directors and officers or (2) The Sands of Kahana Vacation Club or its officers or directors.”

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