The Goals of the SOKCO:

  • To elect members to the Board of Directors of the SOK VC who value the timeshare owners’ interests rather than representatives of ASNY, LLC.
  • With representation on the Board, we should review the costs of running SOK VC, which we feel may be excessive and other decisions regarding the club operations. A reduction in costs should produce savings for all timeshare owners and may even increase the value of our investment.
  • We want to be able to communicate with you. The SOK VC and the Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) boards have refused our requests for a list of all owners
  • This website offers information about the Sands of Kahana and our activities as we work toward the goals stated previously. We ask you to let us know how to contact you to keep you informed about the SOK VC.
    • Update Room Interiors
    • Update Restaurant Interior
    • Update Resort Facilities
    • Stop Use of Facilities by Non-Owners
  • Ensure the Board is independent of Sands Management
  • Solve elevator problems
  • Ensure financial transparency
  • Facilitate communication between owners
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