We are timeshare owners at the Sands of Kahana just like you. Aren’t we all lucky to have found such an ideal spot as the Sands of Kahana to enjoy all the wonders of mystical, magical Maui. To get away from our busy lives for a while and just soak up the sun and activities of this isle.

We realize what a wonderful, relaxing opportunity we have at the Sands. We also recognize that our timeshare weeks are a valuable financial asset requiring oversight of our representatives.

Our ownership makes us members of the Sands of Kahana Vacation Club (SOK VC) and the Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO). The daily business of the Sands of Kahana is conducted by Consolidated Resorts Management under the authority of elected five member AOAO Board of Directors.

We believe that ASNY, LLC has control of our Vacation Club. The list of Sands of Kahana Vacation Club (SOK VC) board members shows board member email addresses. Kevin Blair, Glen Stockton, and Johnnie Santiago have email addresses ending in “asny.com”. This would indicate that a majority of three ASNY employees are on our Board. There are two other timeshare qwners on  the board, David Lint and Arthur (Chris) York.

Because of this, a few of us have formed an informal committee.

Until the owners can get control of the Board, we need your help. Please consider a yearly contribution of $25 per week owned to help us achieve our goal. Your contributions can be made to our Treasurer, Charlie Johnson, address listed below, and we will keep a full accounting of all your contributions.

We will be asking members if they would be willing to assist us and, if they may be interested in serving on the SOK VC Board of Directors. Please pass this letter on to other SOK timeshare owners that you know.


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